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Pro-Abortion “Progressive” Extremists are plotting to take over the Rhode Island General Assembly during the September 12 Statewide Primaries. You can help us stop them!

You may verify your voter registration status, district information, and polling place at the Secretary of State Voter Information Center or by calling 222-2340.

Unaffiliated Voters may vote either party primary and may disaffiliate again after voting. RI Right to Life recommends that all pro-life Rhode Islanders vote in the DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY. There are a number of important General Assembly races (see below) in which we need to support pro-life candidates and oppose “progressive” pro-abortion extremists backed by Planned Parenthood.

In the Governor’s race, we recommend voting AGAINST Gina Raimondo and Matt Brown, which, practically, means voting FOR Spencer Dickinson. In the Lieutenant Governor’s race we recommend voting AGAINST Aaron Regunberg, which, practically, means voting FOR Dan McKee.

Please call us at 521-1860 if you have any questions.

Primary Endorsements for

Wednesday, September 12

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Pro-Life Endorsements for State Senator

1 MARYELLEN GOODWIN (D) - Providence

 4 DOMINICK J RUGGERIO (D) - North Providence, Providence

 5 PAUL V JABOUR (D) - Providence

 6 HAROLD M METTS (D) - Providence

 7 FRANK A CICCONE III (D) - Providence, North Providence


10 WALTER S FELAG JR (D) - Bristol, Tiverton, Warren

11 STEPHANIE L CALISE (R) - Bristol, Portsmouth

12 LOUIS P DIPALMA (D) - Little Compton, Middletown, Newport, Tiverton

13 MATTHEW PAUL PERRY (R) - Jamestown, Newport

14 DELMAR BRANCO CONDINHO (D) - East Providence, Pawtucket

16 ELIZABETH A CROWLEY (D) - Central Falls, Pawtucket, Cumberland

17 THOMAS J PAOLINO (R) - Lincoln, North Providence, North Smithfield

18 WILLIAM J CONLEY JR (D) - East Providence

19 BILLY J CHARETTE (R) - Cumberland, Lincoln

20 ROGER A PICARD (D) - Woonsocket, Cumberland

22 GREGORY JAMES TOCCO (R) - Smithfield, North Providence, Johnston

24 CAROL A FRISK (D) - Woonsocket, North Smithfield

25 FRANK LOMBARDO III (D) - Johnston

26 FRANK LOMBARDI (D) - Cranston


31 JENNIFER R MOFFAT (R) - Warwick, Cranston

32 DAVID AUCOIN (R) - Barrington, Bristol, East Providence

33 LEONIDAS P RAPTAKIS (D) - Coventry, East Greenwich, West Greenwich

34 ELAINE J MORGAN (R) - Charlestown, Exeter, Hopkinton, Richmond, West Greenwich

36 JAMES C SHEEHAN (D) - Narragansett, North Kingstown

38 DENNIS L ALGIERE (R) - Westerly, Charlestown


Pro-Life Endorsements for State Representative

  5 HOLLY TAYLOR COOLMAN (D) - Providence

  6 RAYMOND A HULL (D) - Providence, North Providence

  7 DANIEL P MCKIERNAN (D) - Providence

  8 JOHN JOSEPH LOMBARDI (D) - Providence

10 SCOTT A SLATER (D) - Providence

12 LUIS ANTONIO VARGAS (I) - Providence

13 RAMON A PEREZ (D) - Providence, Johnston


16 ROBERT B LANCIA (R) - Cranston

19 RUTH M PAGE (R) - Warwick, Cranston

20 DANIEL ELLIOTT (I) - Warwick


22 J JOSEPH SOLOMON (D) - Warwick


24 JULIE CAIOZZO (R) - Warwick

27 PATRICIA A SERPA (D) - Coventry, Warwick, West Warwick

28 GEORGE NARDONE (R) - Coventry

29 SHERRY ROBERTS (R) - Coventry, West Greenwich

30 ANTONIO GIARRUSSO (R) - East Greenwich, West Greenwich

32 WILLIAM W MURPHY (R) - North Kingstown

33 JOSEPH M MANNING (D) - South Kingstown, Narragansett

33 DEBORAH ROWLEY (R) - South Kingstown, Narragansett

34 EWA M DZWIERZYNSKI (I) - Narragansett, South Kingstown

35 JOHN BRANDON MONK (I) - South Kingstown

36 BLAKE A. FILIPPI (R) - Block Island, Charlestown

37 SAMUEL A AZZINARO (D) - Westerly

39 JUSTIN PRICE (R) - Charlestown, Exeter, Richmond

40 MICHAEL W CHIPPENDALE (R) - Foster, Coventry, Glocester

41 ROBERT J QUATTROCCHI (R) - Scituate, Cranston

42 STEPHEN R UCCI (D) - Cranston, Johnston

43 DEBORAH A FELLELA (D) - Johnston

44 GREGORY J COSTANTINO (D) - Johnston, Lincoln, Smithfield

46 JOHN J CULLEN (I) - Lincoln, Pawtucket

48 BRIAN C NEWBERRY (R) - North Smithfield, Burrillville

50 STEPHEN M CASEY (D) - Woonsocket

51 ROBERT D PHILLIPS (D) - Woonsocket

52 BRANDON SCOTT BELL (R) - Cumberland

54 WILLIAM W O’BRIEN (D) - North Providence

55 ARTHUR J CORVESE (D) - North Providence

57 JAMES N MCLAUGHLIN (D) - Cumberland, Central Falls

64 DAVID OCONNELL (D) - East Providence

66 RHONDA HOLMES (R) - Barrington, East Providence

70 JOHN G EDWARDS (D) - Portsmouth, Tiverton

72 KENNETH J MENDONCA (R) - Middletown, Newport, Portsmouth



The following candidates for General Assembly have been endorsed by Planned Parenthood Votes! Rhode Island, the local PAC for the nation’s largest abortion chain. 

Senate: Samuel Bell, Jeanine Calkin, Sandra Cano, Cynthia Armour Coyne, Alana DiMario, Shannon Donahue, Jennifer Douglas, Melanie Dupont, Dawn Euer, Gayle Goldin, Jonathan Hernandez, Valerie Lawson, Joshua Miller, Melissa Murray, Donna Nesselbush, Paul Roselli, Jennifer Rourke, Adam Satchell, James Seveney, Susan Sosnowski, Bridget Valverde. 

House: Marvin Abney, Edith Ajello, Joseph Almeida, Karen Alzate, Laufton Ascensao, David Bennett, Christopher Blazejewski, Justine Caldwell, Lauren Carson, Julie Casimiro, Liana Cassar, Terry Cortvriend, Susan Donovan, Kathleen Fogarty, Scott Guthrie, Arthur Handy, Katherine Kazarian, Rebecca Kislak, Jason Knight, John Lyle, Vincent Marzullo, Carol Hagan McEntee, Joseph McNamara, Mario Mendez, Mary Duffy Messier, Michael Morin, Lauren Niedel, Marcia Ranglin-Vassel, Deborah Ruggiero, Evan Shanley, Michael Steiner, Teresa Tanzi, Jonathan Villecilla, Moira Walsh, Anastasia Williams.

Please vote AGAINST the abortion proponents listed above and their extreme abortion agenda.