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Updated 5/6/2014

With the RI General Assembly heading into the final stretch of this legislative session, now is the time we need you to raise your pro-life voice to insist that they address the abortion subsidies and mandates in Governor Lincoln Chafee's Health Benefits (Obamacare) Exchange.
  • Chafee opposed legislation that would have created the RI Health Benefits Exchange because he opposed the RI Senate's inclusion of statutory language that would have maintained Rhode Island's longstanding prohibitions against public funding for elective abortion or for insurance plans that include coverage for elective abortion.
  • After sabotaging the legislative process, Chafee usurped legislative authority, creating HealthSource RI by Executive Order. And not being satisfied with his adroit side-stepping of Rhode Island's longstanding abortion-funding prohibitions, Chafee went even further: HealthSource RI approved only those insurance plans that include coverage for abortion-on-demand, allowing for not even one plan on the Exchange for those individuals or employers who object to paying -- with their own private funds -- a mandatory fee to be used exclusively to pay for other peoples' elective abortions!
  • And if that is not already egregious enough, HealthSource RI continues to ignore multiple provisions of federal law requiring the disclosure of abortion coverage and the collection of separate premiums for abortion coverage.
But even after being side-stepped, side-swiped, and side-lined by the Chafee administration, the General Assembly still has the power to act.

Pro-Life Representative Sam Azzinaro (D-Westerly) has recently filed House Bill 8045 to thwart Chafee's extreme abortion agenda by applying Rhode Island's longstanding abortion-funding prohibitions to HealthSource RI.
By responding to this Action Alert, you will send an email to your State Representative, asking them to  support the immediate passage of H8045 and, preferably, to also include this language in the budget, which is veto-proof, attaching it to any line item appropriating any federal or state funds to HealthSource RI. 

Thank you for making your pro-life voice heard! Please share this Action Alert with at least one other person.