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Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Friend of Life,

Thirty-three years ago, on January 22, 1973, abortion proponents celebrated what they thought would be their complete and final victory. It appeared that the Supreme Court had struck down every abortion law in the country with their decision known as Roe v. Wade and the companion decision known as Doe v. Bolton. Together, these decisions made abortion on demand throughout a woman’s pregnancy legal for any reason, including convenience. Roe and Doe took the right to place limitations on abortion through legislation out of the hands of our state legislators and thus out of the hands of the American people.

When this happened, a movement began across America that galvanized the newly disenfranchised pro-life voters. Pro-life people began to organize on the state and national level. These faithful Americans understood the attack abortion would have on our local and national culture. We also knew that we needed to work peacefully but persistently through the democratic process to bring back the culture of life to America.

Non-profit, non-denominational organizations began to appear in every state. RI Right to Life was founded in 1970, three years before the Roe and Doe decisions were handed down by the Supreme Court, as the pro-life people who founded our organization realized that our state ban on abortion was in jeopardy. 

For over thirty-three years, RI Right to Life has lobbied at the RI State House to save babies and their mothers from the horrors of abortion. We have also served the pro-life community by identifying and promoting pro-life candidates during elections.  We have worked to organize pro-life people in the state into a formidable grass roots organization.  Many members have become “citizen lobbyists” and will call their elected officials when we activate our E-mail Legislative Alerts.  Over the years, RI Right to Life has sponsored and helped to pass many pro-life statutes that protect the lives of the weak and vulnerable in our state.  Click here to see a list of Rhode Island pro-life laws. In addition, RI Right to Life acts as a “watch dog” at the RI General Assembly to assure that legislation is not being passed that would further undermine the “culture of life” in Rhode Island.  Click here to join our E-mail Legislative Alert List and become a “citizen lobbyist” today!

RI Right to Life is a board member of the National Right to Life Committee Board of Directors in Washington D.C. As a board member, we attend their quarterly board meetings and their annual convention, benefiting from their expertise and educational resources. 

We cannot carry out our legislative agenda to lobby for the protection of all human life from the moment of conception to natural death without donations from pro-life people like you.  Won’t you please send us a donation today and help us to continue to remain a strong presence at the Rhode Island state house and continue our efforts to educate people in Rhode Island about the many and varied pro-life issues that confront us today?

For their lives,
Rita Parquette RN
Executive Director
The RI Right to Life Committee

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